Recommended Osteopaths

Leeds Complementary Osteopaths
I was introduced to the positive aspects of Osteopathy after sustaining many injuries whilst playing County Badminton. I soon realised that the holistic treatment of the whole body not only speeded up
Nathalie Bennett Osteopathy
She believes in looking at the patient as a whole, not just the area that is problematic. By improving the overall function of the body, the patient is less likely to have further problems. Flexible
The Osteopath
We are an independent healthcare practice offering Bourne and the surrounding villages, Osteopathy and a variety of mainstream complementary healthcare. We pride ourselves on our team of health care
Fern Osteopaths
We are fully qualified, registered Osteopaths who provide high quality osteopathic healthcare for all ages from newborn babies to elderly incl. Friendly and professional, we diagnose and safely treat
Clinic Of Osteopathy & Physiotherapy
Sheila started in practice in 1980 and set up the clinic at its current location in 1987. Initially practising in Remedial Massage, she progressed onto studying manipulative therapy and osteopathy.
Highfield Natural Health Centre
Ross Valentine is an osteopath practising in Southampton. Ross trained in osteopathy at the College of Osteopathic Medicine in London. He graduated in 1978 and after working in London, he moved to
Natural Osteopathy
In July 2014 I became the proud owner of the Natural Osteopathy clinic following graduating from the European School of Osteopathy with an integrated first class masters degree (DO, M.Ost). I am
Grays Complementary Clinic
Or do you struggle with stress, tension, anxiety or weight, obesity, overweight, habits, phobias, fears, relationship problems, want to stop smoking or quit smoking? Our team of experienced therapists
Sports Injury Clinic
Osteopathy is an established system of diagnosis and treatment, which lays its main emphasis on the structural integrity of the body. An osteopath's job is to diagnose and treat faults that occur in
Holme Valley Osteopathy
Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems. Osteopaths recognise the link between the structure of the human body, and the way it functions. By examining the whole
Cheyham Lodge Osteopathic Practice
Cheyham Lodge Osteopathic Practice was originally started in 1993 by Richard Katesmark and initially provided only osteopathic treatment. However, the aim was always to build an integrated healthcare
Clinic Of Complementary Medicine
Peter Smith is a fully qualified osteopath, acupuncturist and Tai Chi instructor who has been practising at his clinic in Folkestone for more than 36 years. The clinic was originally established in
Lynn Louis & Associates
Osteopathy is a Gentle and effective treatment for a wide spectrum of health problems across all age groups from newborns to the elderly. Lynn also worked at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in
Reading OsteoCare
Reading OsteoCare, formerly called the Brunswick Hill Clinic is based in Reading, Berkshire. We primarily provide Osteopathic treatment for any musculo-skeletal pain (back pain, neck pain, for
Kew Osteopaths
Please telephone us to find out the type of conditions we treat or any other enquiries you may have. We will be pleased to talk to you at length. It is sometimes difficult to know whether going to see
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