West End Osteopathic Clinic
Osteopathy was started by an American doctor called Andrew Taylor Still. He lost three of his children to meningitis and felt that medicine, as he had been taught it, had failed him when he needed it
Vertigo Treatment, Dizziness Treatment
Cram Osteopaths began with the late Normund Cram in 1946, who whilst studying medicine became dissatisfied with orthodox approaches at that time. He was introduced to Osteopathic theory and opened the
R. Gavin Monson, BSc (hons)
He has since worked closely with GP's, psychiatrists, and complementary healthcare providers in treating patients and expanding his body of knowledge and skills. Osteopathy is the first complementary
The Fife Osteopath Practice
I am Seonaid McLeod and I qualified in 1989 from The British School of Osteopathy in London. I spent the next 18 months doing locums and working as an assistant in an osteopathic practice in Edinburgh
South Inch Osteopaths
Please use this site to find out more about Osteopathy, more about our practice and what to expect when you arrive for your consultation. Feedback from our clients has shown that by reading this in
Physioflex is a locally run private clinic located in West Lothian with clinics in both Livingston and Bathgate. Using our expert knowledge and variety of treatment techniques we can provide a
Glynis Fox BSc (Hons)
That's why there are Osteopath's, like us. We're here to prevent and correct the damage that modern living does to our bodies. So if you're one of those Homo Sapiens that prefers to hunt for a chair
Drysdale Osteopathy Glasgow
David Drysdale has worked as an Osteopath in the West End of Glasgow since 1996. David combines a wide range of techniques, ranging from Osteopathic Manipulation, Massage, Trigger Point Therapy,
Osteopathic Clinic - Perth
At Advanced Back Care Clinics in Perth and Dunfermline you will benefit from an experienced and no-nonsense approach in all aspects of osteopathy by qualified practitioner Ken Blakeley. We commonly
Harmonic Osteopathy
Harmonic Osteopathy Edinburgh is based in the West End of Edinburgh at 18b Charlotte Square. We provide specialist treatment for muscle and joint pain, stiffness and injury: not just backs! Osteopaths