We all have one thing in common – we all want to be healthy and to feel great. Unfortunately, many people do not seek medical attention on time. Sometimes pain or an issue may seem insignificant at first. We think it will heal by itself over time or it is just a thing for a day and it won’t be an issue tomorrow. However, very often it happens that the existing issue gets more serious when we neglect it until it becomes a burden and affects our everyday life. Therefore, in order to avoid such problems and issues, it is a better idea to create those healthy habits and incorporate them into our everyday life. This is a great way and probably the most effective one to help us prevent a bunch of health issues and improve our current overall condition.

In order to help you maintain better health, today we share with you top tips by a chiropractor, check them out below.

Stop Staring at the Phone

According to recent studies, the average person stares at the little screen of their smartphones a significant amount of time of their day. You may be surprised, but this small, insignificant-looking everyday ritual means a lot of strain on our neck and back. You may be surprised, but the bending position we take in order to have a look at our phones can put as much as sixty pounds of pressure on the spine. So when it is possible, make sure to limit yourself from staring at your phone.

Morning Stretching

You often hear how important and healthy it is to “wake up” your body and mind with a few minutes of stretching your body every morning. If you have debated whether or not to incorporate a short stretching routine to your morning, here is the answer. Do it, because even five minutes a day can make a lot of difference. Especially if you have a job that requires you to sit down for a long period of time, stretching is very, very important. Stretching can help a lot for the stiffness and pain you may feel after a night sleep that is usually caused by fluids increasing between your joints and spinal discs during the night. Stretching is also beneficial with a long-term positive effect on your posture, it will help you with tight muscles, and increase your blood flow.

Never Crack Your Neck

We know it may be tempting to do it and that it feels good, but please, stop cracking your neck. In fact, cracking your neck can do more harm than it does good. Incorrect cracking of the neck can lead to a bunch of issues, including pinched nerves, punctured blood vessels, blood clotting, and more. So decrease the risk of damaging your neck and the area around it and just stop doing it.

Cold Therapy

The first instinct we have when something hurts is putting something hot on it or treating it with heat. However, heat is not necessarily the right way to treat the pain and the problem. For example, fresh injuries must always be treated with something cold, ice for example, because it will reduce the swelling and inflammation. In fact, heat will further increase your pain, when it comes to a fresh injury.

Bend the Knee

Nope, this is not a GOT reference but a true tip by a chiropractor. In case you have a back injury or pain in your back, instead of bending at your waist, make sure to bend at the knees. Unfortunately, most injuries and issues with the back don’t reveal themselves at first, so a long period of time can pass without us even noticing there is a problem. Therefore, better be safe than sorry and bend at your knees.

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