Horse Street Surgeries
My osteopathy practice is based in the rural town of Chipping Sodbury, where I provide Osteopathic, Cranial Osteopathic and Acupuncture treatments. Having graduated, after four years full time study
Birch House
Tom qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 2003, he began his training at the John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy which taught traditional Osteopathic principles of practice as
Wotton Osteopathic Practice
The practice currently has two osteopaths who both practice osteopathy and acupuncture. The practice is open for appointments Monday to Friday. Emergency appointments are available on the weekend.
Booty Felicity
We are a family orientated osteopathic practice in the village of Frampton Cotterell, South Gloucestershire. Osteopathy is a manual therapy based on using the body's own self healing and self
The Oxford Practice
Whether you wish to take a proactive approach to your health by using complementary and alternative therapies, or simply wish to relax, be pampered and look good, the Oxford Practice, established for
Jon Muscaty
The Park Lane Practice provides high quality and professional complementary health care in friendly and pleasant surroundings. A number of different treatment disciplines are offered in order to
Stephen Hudson BOst, BSc
At the Ashfield Practice, we understand that your health is the key to getting the most out of life. Therefore, our experienced team of osteopaths and complementary therapists offer a range of
Tetbury Osteopaths
Scoliosis is a spinal axial deviation, more or less fixed depending on the structural and functional aspects of the disease. Spinal deviation is followed by typical trunk deformities, bending sideways
David Hayward, Osteopath
Osteopathy takes a holistic approach to health care. By applying the principles of osteopathy to the way a body is structured and how it functions, osteopaths aim to improve and support its inherent
The London Road Osteopathy
I practice Reflexology at the The London Road Clinic and use a combined method of traditional reflexology and Vertical Reflex Therapy. I work with all ages, including Maternity & Fertility clients