Addiscombe Osteopathic Practice

Osteopathy is distinctive in that it recognizes that much of the pain and disabilities we suffer stems from abnormalities in the function of the body, as well as damage caused to it by disease. Changes in the subtle balance of this neuro-musculo-skeletal system can result in altered disturbance of blood supply, drainage and dysfunction of the nervous system, flexibility and mobility. Whole body care is an integral part of our treatment approach. Cranial Osteopathy This is a gentle non-invasive technique involving light touch to facilitate the body's natural self-corrective mechanism. Because of this, treatment is suitable for all ages from birth to the elderly, to treat a specific problem or just to help restore balance in a hectic life. Many problems come about due to abnormal patterns, habits, trauma (including dental work) which can build up over a period of time. For more information please see the cranial section.