BB Osteopaths

Osteopathy can help speed up recovery from aches and pains, help you with postural issues, free joint restrictions and reduce muscle tension. Osteopathic treatment aims to improve function throughout the body, encouraging health in the circulatory, nervous and musculo-skeletal systems. Deep tissue massage can help to reduce pain and restore function to over-worked muscles following a work or sports injury. Medical Acupuncture can alleviate painful muscle conditions including "trigger points".

This 'dry needling' technique can be useful for reducing symptoms of back pain, neck / head aches and other joint problems. We offer advice about exercises that may help you and often recommend Pilates classes as a way to improve 'core stability'. This is especially important when you suffer from any back problems. If you suffer from stress (emotional or physical) or need a relaxing treatment, try a session of Counselling, Bowen Technique, Massage or Reflexology.