Covent Garden Osteopaths

Ian Schofield practises Osteopathy at Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden WC2, London and is the principal practitioner of Covent Garden Osteopaths which was established in 1994. Ian has been an osteopath since 1987 and treats patients of all ages, from newborn upwards, for a wide variety of musculo-skeletal problems and health issues. The Practice aims to offer the highest standards of osteopathic care in the relief of pain, and mangement of symptoms to help prevent a reoccurrence. Consultations include a diagnosis of the likely cause of your symptoms, the cause of this condition, treatment if appropriate, and how the patient can help prevent the problem from recurring.

Consultations last for 1 hour for new patients and 30 minutes for further sessions. If you're unsure whether osteopathic treatment is appropriate for your problem, Mr. Schofield will be happy to discuss your problem by phone prior to booking. Fees may be payable by cash, cheque or card.