Harmonic Osteopathy

Harmonic Osteopathy Edinburgh is based in the West End of Edinburgh at 18b Charlotte Square. We provide specialist treatment for muscle and joint pain, stiffness and injury: not just backs! Osteopaths use a variety of techniques to achieve their objective, including acupuncture and massage and joint manipulation. Click osteopathy for more information and how it works.

At Harmonic Osteopathy Edinburgh we specialise in the harmonic technique and medical acupunture. Harmonic technique uses rhythmic oscillatory movements to ease tension in various areas of the body. It can achieve the objectives faster and more effectively and reduces the need for any heavy joint "cracking" and painful massage and stretching. We adopt a more gentle approach. We utilise the neurophysiological benefits of acupuncture to release stubborn areas of muscle tension and to desensitise painful muscles. For more information click on harmonic osteopathy or acupuncture.