Jigsaw Osteopathy

Arjun has treated a broad spectrum of patients within different clinics; ranging from Sports clinics to expecting mothers, Paediatric clinics, HIV wards at the Royal free hospital and Acute/chronic patients in general clinics. He enjoys meeting and treating patients from all different walks of life no matter how challenging the complaint.

The approach Arjun takes to all patients is individual; as he believes in looking at, and treating a patient as a whole, rather than just with the presenting symptoms. He employs the use of a combination of manual hands on treatment from structural, functional, visceral and cranial techniques in his treatments; tailoring the treatment plan and rehabilitation exercises to the specific needs of the patient. He is renowned by his patients for his professionalism, and his strong, friendly inter-personal and communication skills; Arjun enjoys treating patients of all ages who may suffer from a variety of problems.