Perfect Health Osteopathy

While at BCOM James was awarded the Freedom of the City of London by a grateful patient he helped recover from adhesive capsulitis at the university clinic.

He treats a wide range of problems from back and neck pain to sports injuries, using a variety of structural, functional and visceral osteopathic techniques. He also uses Medical Acupuncture and kinesio taping in order to achieve the best possible results for his patients. Along with incorporating lifestyle advice and rehabilitation plans if required to avoid injury reoccurrence.

James started his full time working life as a Shipping Clerk but soon realised that working at a desk was not for him as most of his contact with people was by email and phone. He wanted a career where he could work more closely with people and help them with their personal health problems. He chose Osteopathy as it best fit his desire to help people recover their health and mobility, especially following injury.