The Dove Practice

You will be seen by a fully qualified Registered Osteopath who is registered with the General Osteopathic Council. On your first visit, the osteopath will take full details which consider your current symptoms, as well as past medical history. This will include illnesses, and any past operations or accidents. Please bring a list of any medication that you are taking to the appointment. These details are held, in confidence, by The Dove Practice. It is important that the osteopath sees not only the area which is causing problems, but other areas which may be related to your condition.

Therefore you may be asked to undress to the level of your underwear, and the practitioner will leave the room whilst you undress. Some patients prefer to bring shorts, or other loose clothing, such as track suit bottoms, to change into prior to treatment. You will be asked to perform certain movements in order that the osteopath may understand and assess your condition.