Newent Osteopaths
Osteopathy is a primary care profession, focusing on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders, and the effects of these conditions on patients' general
Bearland Osteopathic Clinic
Bearland Clinic in Gloucester is now closed. Lucy Carden is currently working at Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre. In November 2013 Lucy will be going back on to Maternity Leave. Whilst Lucy is on
Tewkesbury Osteopaths
At Tewkesbury Osteopaths, founder Michael offers an excellent service with Carmel and Joanna, who has recently joined the clinic. A family friendly practice run by a friendly local Osteopath.
Churchdown Osteopaths
Osteopathy is a healing art which involves the diagnosis and treatment of structural and mechanical dysfunctions of the body. Osteopathy recognizes that the body is an instrinsically self-healing,
Tony Nevin Osteopaths
We offer osteopathic care for the whole family and tailor our treatment programmes to each patient. Our clinics are situated in quiet surroundings with free parking available. Most conditions require
Sandra Blampied
Sandra trained as an Osteopath at Oxford Brookes University and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and a member of the British Osteopathic Association. Sandra has previously completed
Cheltenham Osteopaths
We offer osteopathic treatment to the general public in the easily accessible location of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The clinic offers a natural and safe approach to healthcare that can benefit all
Katie Johnston - Osteopath
Osteopathy South West is the name for clinics linked together by Osteopath Katie Johnston, who since recently moving to the South West of England has begun forging links between clinics. Katie is an
Stuart Wilson Osteopath
Osteopathy is a long established therapy which concentrates on the musculoskeletal system and aims to balance the structure of the body so that it can function efficiently. Osteopathy is very
Cotswold Osteopaths
Osteopathy is an extremely effective, but gentle form of therapy that relieves pain by improving the function of the body as a whole. Osteopathic treatment involves the gentle manipulation of the body