Patrick Harding - Osteopath
Osteopathy is a safe and natural therapy that focuses on the framework of the body consisting of the bones, ligaments, muscles and connective tissues or fascia. Osteopaths assess the condition of this
Edinburgh Osteopathic Surgery
Since then many thousands of people have been successfully treated by our Registered Osteopaths. The busy practice enjoys frequent referrals from doctors and other healthcare professionals, as well as
Edinburgh osteopath Helen How has been sucessfully treating patients at the How Osteopathic Clinic (Trinity) for over twenty years. A registered member of the General Osteopathic Council, Helen
Hadley Wood Healthcare
Hadley Wood Healthcare has been offering a wide range of complementary and integrated health care options since it started as a single practitioner practice in 1988. Now, many years on it provides an
Cupar Osteopaths
Please use this site to find out more about Osteopathy, more about our practice and what to expect when you arrive for your consultation. Feedback from our clients has shown that by reading this in
Essential Osteopathy Glasgow
Osteopathy is a rigorously professional and effective manual therapy which is regulated by the General Osteopathic Council. It takes four years of anatomical, physiological and clinical study to
Tide Osteopathy
My goal is to help people in Edinburgh find their optimum health through osteopathy by taking time to listen and providing an individual treatment best suited to their needs. My osteopathic treatments
Active X Backs
Active X Backs provides treatment for your lower back pain and sciatica, located in Edinburgh. Book your appointment with an expert osteopath in Edinburgh. With over 30 years of experience in the