Bishops Stortford Osteopathic Clinic
You can book your next appointment online - no need to call - 24 hours a day using our online booking service. Osteopaths aim to diagnose the areas of the body that are not functioning correctly and
The Osteopaths Walters-Neary-Pearce
The Osteopaths Walters-Neary-Pearce, formerly known as Catherine J Walters & Associates and The Bishop's Stortford Osteopaths, is one of the most established Osteopathic clinics in Hertfordshire
Haverhill Osteopathic
Haverhill Osteopathic and Sports Injury Practice, has been established for over seven years. The practice, was opened by Christine Jefferys-Ward in 2005, after completing a five year bachelor science
Celia Crook, B Sc, B.Ost.
We successfully combine Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Nutrition and Complementary Therapies to give the patient a wholly individual healthcare and treatment strategy. We are a team of three
Stockley Osteopath Cambridge Cambridgeshire
Osteopathy is able to aid healing, encourage healthly tissues and reduce pain levels cross the whole body from babies to the elderly. Osteopathy is non-invasive and can treat a wide variety of
Cambridge Osteopaths
With our expertise in a wide range of therapies under one roof, we are able to offer targeted help to our patients, whatever their needs. Our practitioners share expertise and work together for the
Vanessa Correa - Osteopath
My approach promotes health and well-being of the body and mind. I use my skills in Osteopathy to support patients through their healing process in the best possible way for them. I use both cranial
Cristina Villiers RSHom
The centre provides a calm, accessible place for people to talk in confidence and receive treatment from experienced practitioners. We are committed to treating each person as a unique individual and
Sawbridgeworth Osteopathic Clinic
We aim to provide you with useful information about our practice, about Osteopathy in general, and assist you in deciding whether to consult an Osteopath. Sawbridgeworth Osteopathic Clinic has been
Physic: A leading Cambridge Complementary Medical Practice that has been solving health problems since 1984. We are now centred in north Cambridge and specialise in Osteopathy and Sports Massage. Let