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At Jesmond Chiropractic we offer treatments for a wide range of problems, including sports injuries; neck, back and joint pain; hip and knee osteoarthritis and dizziness. Have a look at the various techniques we use, below. We choose the technique that will most effectively restore normal function and improve your alignment.

Craniopathy is a field in chiropractic that deals with the micro-motion available at the sutures of the skull. These sutures form the junction between the eight bones that make up the cranial vault and other bones that make up the face. A sac-like membrane called the dural membrane covers the brain and spinal cord and contains cerebro-spinal fluid in which the brain and spinal cord are immersed. This cerebro-spinal fluid acts as a cushion, protecting this delicate mechanism, transporting nutrition, removing waste products and providing an ideal medium for essential nerve energy conduction.
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