Larch Tree Osteopathic Practice
Osteopathy is an established and recognised system of diagnosis and treatment that looks at the alignment of, and the functional relationship between, the bony skeleton and the muscular system. It is
Sarah Smith Osteopath
Osteopathy is a drug free form of manual therapy. Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners, which means that you do not need a doctor's referral to consult with one. They are qualified to
Sheldon Osteopathic Clinic
Osteopathy is an effective, safe and proven treatment for a wide range of conditions and injuries, so don't put up with pain - we'll help you reduce the severity of pain through your own tailored
Backcare & Acupuncture Clinic
Many patients are worried and distressed by their symptoms. GPs are busy professionals who often struggle to find the time needed to listen and fully answer those questions that are important to you.
Osteopath LaB - Birmingham
Whether you are suffering from back pain, sports injuries, a recreational or work related injury we are here to help you. Osteopathy, sports Massage, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, facilitated
Village Osteopathy
Michael is registered with the General Osteopathic Council, a member of the British Osteopathic Association and the Osteopathic Sports Care Association. He is also registered with most health
Jeremy James & Associates
It seems pretty safe to assume that you're visiting this website because you have some pain or discomfort, or perhaps someone close to you does. You may actually be looking for an osteopath or perhaps
Stourbridge Osteopathic Clinic
The British Osteopathic Association has developed a fantastic free app, Osteopathy - relief for back, neck and joint problems. The app contains information about osteopathy, what it can treat and who
FARAH KHAN Osteopath
Our practice offers both male and female Osteopaths, who have 65 years combined experience. We also have other professionals who offer many years of experience to ensure you have a satisfactory visit
John Williams Solihull Osteopath
Solihull Back Pain Clinic offers a multidisciplinary approach to treating back pain and backache. Solihull Osteopath, Solihull Physiotherapist and Solihull Sports Therapist John Williams is available
We are an Osteopathic Practice providing treatment and advice for problems arising in the musculskeletal system, our approach uses modern and traditional methods of treatment. Evidence based practice
Wollaston Osteopathic Clinic
Wollaston Osteopathic Clinic is run by Nigel Parker, registered osteopath, who became established in Stourbridge some 15 years ago. The Stourbridge clinic treats hundreds of patients a year for many
Hugh Ruxton
I am an Osteopath, Acupuncturist, Pilates Trainer and Hydrotherapy coach with over 25 years experience. If you live in the Wolverhampton, Telford or Bridgnorth area and have been suffering lower back
Stuart Yates Osteopathy
Welcome to Stuart Yates Osteopathy, we are a specialist pain relief clinic with experts in muscular, skeletal and neurological systems implementing Safe, Effective Treatment and Rehabilitation for
Osteopathy Care
Welcome to Osteopathy Care - Birmingham and Solihull where we aim to provide the best osteopathic treatments to you and your family. We will treat you as a complete individual, rather than the sum of
Synergy Health Clinic
Synergy Health Clinic is one of the few multidisciplinary clinics in Birmingham to offer osteopathy and physiotherapy. Our goal is to provide an integrated approach to treatment. We combine the
Jackie Salter Osteopath
Jackie has been in practice since 1995, initially as a Sports Therapist, and now as a Registered Osteopath. In 1994 Jackie enrolled on a five year Osteopathy course in London, graduating as an
Anne Hands
Broad Oaks Health Clinic, was the first private practice in Solihull to offer Physiotherapy services, and is now a well established multidisciplinary practice providing a range of treatments. Our
Anita Campbell
We are a complimentary clinic based in Coventry, offering physiotherapy, chiropody and a wide range of alternative therapies. The Albany Health Clinic Coventry is proud of our Professional Expertise
Moseley Osteopathy
Let me introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Mussen and I qualified from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1997. I have worked all over the country and in France over the last 18 years.