Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre

Osteopathy uses a range of manual techniques to affect the tissues of the body. It aims to assist the body's own in-built healing processes to improve the health of the patient. Practice is refined in light of scientific research in the fields of anatomy, physiology and neurology.

Working hands-on to both investigate and treat the underlying causes of pain, osteopaths assess every patient individually. If appropriate a treatment programme is devised and many cases improvements are seen within three treatments.

Because the aim of Osteopaths is to help the body fix itself (see OSTEOPATHY) and so we treat the patient rather than the Complaint (see WHAT WE TREAT), Osteopathy has the potential to help in lots of conditions even though Osteopaths are not treating the Condition itself. For example, some patients with Asthma (see WHAT WE TREAT - HELPING WITH ASTHMA), osteoarthritic pain (see WHAT WE TREAT - HELPING WITH MOBILITY), IBS and even depression (!) have found osteopathic treatment helpful.