Alexander Milne
We very much believe in traditional, classical osteopathy and the hands on approach to patient care. It is the treatment and integration of all the body parts to each other that can lead to a
Osteopathy Works Horsham
Osteopathy is a form of physical therapy designed to give relief to the body's mechanical or structural abnormalities. Newborns to the elderly can benefit from an Osteopath's treatment. Treatment can
The Institute Of Classical Osteopathy
The Institute of Classical Osteopathy (ICO) is an independent organisation of osteopaths, practitioners and students with an interest in the Principles and Practice of Classical Osteopathy. Current
Pavilions Osteopaths
Whilst at college, Mark gained valuable experience in various aspects of osteopathic treatment such as spinal and soft tissue manipulation, rehabilitation, classical osteopathy and cranial osteopathy.
Carfax Centre Of Wellbeing
Are you healthy? Without your health you can not fully enjoy life. Your happiness depends on the fitness of your body and mind. It is important, therefore to adopt the principles of prevention to
Evergreens Clinic
All our practitioners are professionally qualified and treatments are carried out in a caring, relaxed and professional manner. We believe that true health is not just the absence of pain but the