Luton Osteopathic Clinic
In 1993, Parliament passed Osteopathy as a 'Medically recognisedalternative therapy'. Osteopathy emphasises on the 'structural and functional integration of the body'. Osteopathy specialises in the
Stockwood Osteopathic
Within this website you will find the information you need to make an informed choice to come and see us for treatment. We have an overview of what Osteopathy is, what it does and how this is achieved
Osteopathic treatment varies for every patient, the treatment which is appropriate for a healthy 20 year old may not be the same as that which is indicated for a healthy 80 year old. Osteopathy is a
Glenn Lobo Osteopathic Clinic
My Mission To provide you with the BEST, FASTEST, most beneficial treatment experience I can! You will benefit from EXPERT PROFESSIONAL EFFECTIVE Acupuncture and Osteopathic treatment solutions to
Leagrave Therapy
Osteopathy treatment from a qualified, registered and insured professional. Competitive fees. Advice and treatment for various conditions including neck pain, bad backs and aching joints. Help

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