The Atrium Clinic
No other musculoskeletal clinic can provide such an extensive or holistic approach to your health in one venue. We utilize all our clinical expertise and extensive facilities to insure your recovery
The Swindon Chiropractor
We are just a phone call away from treating your symptoms irrespective of how small or nagging they seem to be. With over 10 years' experience in the treatment of chiropractic injuries and pains, we
Dean Barrett Osteopathy
Dean is a qualified osteopath registered with the General Osteopathic Council and holds a Bsc Honours Degree in osteopathy graduating from Oxford Brookes University. He is also qualified in personal
Euphoria Osteopathic Clinics
This is, as you will see, actually a really broad definition of the scope of what Osteopaths can treat, and not in any way a restrictive definition. Also please bear in mind here that Osteopaths
As Osteopaths we aim to provide the best possible treatment for muscular, skeletal and postural pain through evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and support. We understand that being in pain can get you
The Carl Todd Clinic
Offering friendly, professional care that treats - and helps to prevent - a wide range of problems from back pain and everyday aches, to sports injuries and work-related disorders. Carl acts as a