Msk Health Clinic
Osteopathy is a manual therapy that involves diagnosis and treatment of joints, muscles, ligaments and surrounding structures. Any kind of joint ache, pain or stiffness whether in the back, neck, arms
The Tonbridge Clinic
I have been a patient for several years and have never had any hesitation in recommending the physiotherapists at The Tonbridge Clinic to any fellow sufferers. They provide a professional and, for me,
The Tonbridge Osteopathic Clinic
I first became interested in osteopathy when I was a child after having osteopathic treatment for knee pain. I was fascinated with how the osteopath relieved the pain with only two or three treatments
Hadlow Natural Health
Robert graduated in 1998 from the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) in Maidstone, Kent. Having been a professional cricket coach and co-author of two books about teaching cricket he soon began

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