Ainsley's Osteopathic Practice
Osteopathy is a hands on system of diagnosis and treatment that is used most frequently to treat pain and disability. Osteopathy offers a way of detecting and treating damaged parts of the body such
Yarm Osteopaths
The clinic has treated over 5000 patients, helping with many muscular and skeletal aches-and-pains including low back, shoulder, neck, hip and knee pain. We are one of a select few in the UK who are
Dunelm Osteopaths
Sian Greeves established Dunelm Complementary Medicine in 1990. The practice was multi-disciplinary for many years but now features Osteopathy only at present. She moved across the road from 52 to 6
Darlington Osteopathic Clinic
Osteopathy is a safe, hands-on therapy that focuses on the framework of your body, consisting of the bones, ligaments, muscles and connective tissues. Osteopaths assess the condition of this