Pain Release Practice-Osteopathy
Born and raised in Yorkshire, after college I decided to move down south to attend university in Surrey. After studying for four years at the Surrey institute of osteopathic medicine, I qualified as
Leeds Osteopathy & Clinical Pilates
Our private, ground floor clinic is conveniently located on Great George Street in the heart of Leeds City Centre directly opposite the Leeds General Infirmary. Consultations with our skilled
Osteopathy In Horsforth
Osteopathy is an established physical treatment for musculoskeletal disorders in all their variety. We look at the physical imbalances that can lead to pain or poor physical function. From our base in
Leeds Complementary Osteopaths
I was introduced to the positive aspects of Osteopathy after sustaining many injuries whilst playing County Badminton. I soon realised that the holistic treatment of the whole body not only speeded up
Chapel Allerton Osteopath
Osteopathy is a healthcare profession that utilises a patient focused, physical approach to restoring, maintaining and promoting physical and psychosocial well being. As a form of manual therapy it
Paul Cairns, Osteopath
Osteopathy is a non-invasive, hands-on therapy. Through touch, massage, manipulation and stretching techniques, an osteopath can diagnose and treat people with physical and emotional problems. Paul
Freedom Clinics
Freedom Clinics are committed to helping you identify and treat the sources of back pain and health problems so that you can lead healthy, pain-free and liberated lives. Our state of the art clinics
Leeds Osteopathy & Ergonomics
HomeDavid Annett is a Yorkshire-based Osteopath and Ergonomics consultant with has over 15 years experience, specialising in work-related injuries and sports injuries. OsteopathyCredentials David is
The Guiseley Osteopathic Centre
Our fingers are like pain detectors - able to find out exactly which parts of your body are causing you trouble. Once we've worked out what your problem is we then use a range of techniques, such as
Nathan Reynolds Osteopath
I believe nobody should have to live with pain. My aim as an Osteopath is to help each of my patients live a healthy active life free from discomfort. Leeds Osteopathy provides high quality